Pinsa Bun Rustico con Friarielli e Salsiccia

Pinsa Bun with peppers


  • Sausage
  • Yellow cherry tomatoes
  • Provola cheese
  • Bell peppers’ sauce


The Pinsa Bun with sausage is a tasty version of the classic hamburger, and along with the crispy and digestible texture of the Pinsa Bun, it tastes even more satisfying and amazing. The recipe for the Pinsa Bun with bell peppers’ sauce is quick and easy to prepare, taking only 5 minutes.


Find out how to prepare it:


Start by brushing the surface of the Pinsa Bun with a drizzle of oil and bake for 3 minutes or until completely browned.

Cut the Pinsa Bun in half and let it chill on the grill for an even crispier texture.

After that, proceed with the filling: add first the sautéed friarielli (broccoli rabe), place the grilled sausage on top, add the provola cheese, yellow tomatoes, and finally the bell peppers’ sauce.


Now the Pinsa Bun with the bell peppers’ sauce is ready to be served to your customers!


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