Pinsa Monoporzione con Frutta

Pinsa single-serve with fruits


  • 2 single-serve Pinsa crusts
  • 300g custard
  • Fresh fruit (orange, mango, ananas, apple, pear)
  • Mint leaves


The single-serve Pinsa can be served as dessert with fresh fruits and different types of creams. You can choose to serve Pinsa with different seasonal fruits all year long, keeping it always on your menu for your customers to try.

Follow these quick and easy steps for its preparation:

First, start preparing the custard: in a small saucepan add the egg yolks, sugar, flour and milk, a little at a time. Mix everything together, turn the burner on and bring the custard to boil.

Now, cut all the different fruits into thin slices.

Put the Pinsa crust in the oven and once that has reached the desired crispness, top it with the custard and the fruits out of the oven. Last, garnish with fresh mint leaves.

The fruity single-serve Pinsa is ready to be enjoyed.


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