Peppery Pinsa


  • Roasted pumpkin slices
  • Sliced roasted turkey
  • Valerian leaves
  • Stracchino cheese
  • Lemon zest
  • Pink pepper


The Pinsa in the classic oval format is perfect for a gourmet dish. It can also be served in an original way, folded in two, as an alternative to the classic Pizza. So it becomes an original proposal when served folded, as an alternative to the usual sandwich or pizza.


The preparation of this Pinsa is very simple: take the oval Pinsa and season it with oil and salt, then bake it for 2 minutes.

Fold the Pinsa lengthwise in the middle and brush the top with oil. Bake for another minute or until it is fully crispy.

Now it is time to proceed with the filling: First add the stracchino cheese, then the valerian leaves, the sliced roasted turkey, the roasted pumpkin slices and finally the lemon zest and pink pepper.


Discover more about how to bake and prepare a Pinsa in a professional way with our tips!


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