Pinsa Tonda Trentina con Brie e Speck

Pinsa round with Speck


  • 1 round Pinsa crust
  • 100g speck, Italian smoked ham
  • 100g brie cheese


Pinsa round format is a unique alternative to the classic pizza, with a rising time of at least 24 hours and a dough composed of 80% water, it is much more hydrated and crispier: tasty delish!

For a gourmet recipe, use the Speck (Italian smoked ham) and the brie, soft cheese with a delicate taste; a perfect combination of delicate and flavourful ingredients.


Here is the preparation:


Cut the brie into very thin slices and bake the Pinsa in the meantime.


Once cooked, add the sliced brie and complete the topping with the slices of speck.


The round Pinsa with Speck is ready to be served!


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